Condemned to Repeat

by Denial

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released February 21, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Al Smith of Bergerk Studios.
Released through Life.Lair.Regret Records.



all rights reserved


Denial Perth, Australia

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Track Name: The Weight This Carries
The weight this carries
Festers inside my head
Realise my selfish actions
Are condemning my only friends
Walk away from me, and I will understand
I was never there for you
So why would you be there for me?
And I can't expect forgiveness
When I know what I've done to deserve this
And I'll use my sentence
And build my walls of repentance
Face the consequences
Track Name: Denial
How much longer
Can we pretend
That one moment of this is justified
And what will it take
Til we see the end
Of this mindless violence
Apathy over empathy
Ignorance and complicity
Unseen and unheard
And that's the way it's always been
Deny the suffering
Ignore the pain
I'll harvest the blame of the lives
Left to waste but I will never again
Track Name: Victims of Culture
Product of your environment
Held responsible for crimes
You were raised to commit
Engaged from a young age
To believe you were born this way
Falsified on your own
and told there's nothing else
To know no different, to see no truth
To disconnect from the world
To accept the abuse
We can not pretend
We can not blame
Victims of culture
Victims of life's violent game
Created only for political gain
Take lives for what they believe
When in truth
It's all in vein
Track Name: Persecution
For far to long
I've followed the line
Kept myself ignorant
For the sake of piece of mind
Refused to believe
Or speak the truth
Kept my conscience clean
And let bliss induce
But I can't continue to tell myself
Outside of what I know
There is nothing else
Persecution seen as "the way it is"
All for the right of belief
No side can ever win
When they light their torches and start the crusade
On the weak and the voiceless I won't stand by
Forced to the edge
For what you think
Track Name: Condemned to Repeat
Stuck in the cycle of consumption
Ideas bred into us by the system
Forced to abide or face extinction
Unable to make a difference
Condemned to repeat
Blind your eyes
So you don't have to witness
The consequence of industry
Commercial gain will outweigh all life
Until every river has run dry
Every tree has withered and died
Until everything we had
Is reduced to nothing
Every act of suffering
Comes with a profit to be made